About frank ordonez

My art is a part of me, its my perspective, how I am feeling and it has a universal message of hope. A majority of my paintings are large format because I build and stretch my own canvas from recycled wood materials. I run across allot of good art materials junking and I salvage and recycle whatever I can. My paper mache sculptures are all hand made and each with a unique message of love and the passion that drives our hope and desire to succeed.

Skills Include

Sponsorship Sales

Ad Material Design

Event Production

Non Profit Fundraising


Custom Sized Canvas

Art Installations

Recycled Art

Like what you see?

Contact me for affordable

custom made art and home decor.


I walk to my own beat. I have my own path with the powers above.


I am an artist with a passion in my community. Message me if you would like to help me make Christmas special for those children in need of hope.


My art offers the individual the opportunity to take a look at themselves and understand what drives themselves.


My art is empowering, it fuels my passion and is a reflection of my community.